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All natural and highly effective rodent repellent made from organic peppermint and organic cinnamon oils.  Our unique combination of ingredients makes our repellent work extremely well using only a small amount when compared to other products.   Rodents have an extremely sensitive sense of smell and simply hate the smell!

  • Naturally SAFE for People and Pets with Pleasant Smell
  • Perfect for Home, Auto, Garden and Vehicles
  • Extra-Concentrated strength for long lasting protection
  • Drive rodents away - Humane & Effective
  • Organic oils sourced from the USA
  • High Quality Sprayer - EASY for hard to reach places
  • Eco-Friendly (Includes concentrate & easy mix instructions) 


Eco-Friendly packaging includes sprayer bottle with blending powder & concentrated oil.  You simply add water and shake. It allows for lighter shipping weight to help our environment and fresh mixed solution simply works better.

*Safe around people and pets when used as directed

Lazy Cat™ - Rodent Repellent (32oz Spray Bottle)

SKU: 0004
  • Product is exempt from EPA registration because it qualifies for exemption as a minimal risk pesticide under FIFRA Section 25(b).

    Active Ingredients: 

    Peppermint Oil 5.0% | Cinnamon Oil 2.0% 

    Inert Ingredients:  Water, Glycerin, Soap 93%

    TOTAL: 100%

    CAUTION: Keep away from children

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